lunes, 13 de agosto de 2007


Pandemoniun, by Pilar Bayle, is that kind of blog about translation that does not talk only about languages, CAT and so, but about a wide variety of topics. So, after a long day translating from Polish to Turkish, or just transcribing the audio of a Scottish guy talking with a potato in the mouth recorded in the middle of a noisy cafeteria, I guess you will find positively interesting this blog. And if you leave a comment, you will discover Pilar is a great person to discuss with about anything.

Btw: Did I mention this blog is both written in English and Spanish?

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PBayle dijo...

:) Muchas gracias por las flores. Lo de los comentarios, suele ser porque como están moderados, pasan todos por mis manos antes de llegar a la página.
Personalmente prefiero Maremagnum, la versión española. Es más antigua y esa sí que tiene de todo, como en botica. :)